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  • Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

    Safe-Dry® of Dalton, GA has over ten years’ experience in cleaning area & oriental rugs. If believed necessary we offer free pick-up, then we take your rugs to our rug-cleaning facility positioned right here in Dalton, GA and treat your rugs with our all-natural, innocent solutions. After we have eradicated the problem, stains and or odors, we return your rugs to your home, place them in their selected, unroll & vacuum them, all at no additional cost! We focus on removing traffic areas, complicated stains, pet urine and the odor associated with pet staining. Whether you have doormats, area rugs, or fine Orientals, you can rest assured that your rugs are going to be handled with care and cleaned to your satisfaction. No need to look anymore when you need expert rug cleaners in Dalton, GA. Pleasing reviews by our more than satisfied customers make us one of the best rug cleaning companies around.

    Free Pick-Up & Delivery On Rugs!

    • Free Quotes, Free Pickup and Delivery
    •  On or Offsite Cleaning Available,
    • Problem Stain Removal
    • Pet Odor Removal
    • Every Rug is Different, and We Want to Treat Them That Way!


      We start by classifying the type of rug you have by the material, backing, and binding methods. Then we follow up with proper spot testing to guarantee that no color will bleed from your rug. We detect a couple of good places to test, spray a small amount of solution and blot it to check for colors bleeding. After we have composed enough information on your rug, we can formulate a way of addressing all your worries.

    • Free Pick Up and Delivery!


      We like to clean rugs at home if possible, but sometimes they need a little extra maintenance. For those rugs, we offer free pickup and delivery from our rug cleaning facility. This permits us to give them an appropriate deep cleaning that might take a bit longer or require more area than you have at your home. If probable, we will schedule the delivery date at the time of pickup, however, if our technicians are still determining what technique to use, we may wait to set up a delivery date until we have a precise window of when it will be finished.

    • Full Flushing Available!


      For SEVERELY trafficked and soiled rugs we do offer a complete flushing process. To go through this procedure, we would want a bit more time as we repeatedly break those deep, deep stains and odors. This also increases the dry time a bit, but when it comes to your cherished properties, we want to make sure we get things as clean as imaginable. Rug flushes are not offered at home, only at our cleaning facility.

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